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Kaluta: Lucifer #56 Final Art
Lucifer #56 Final Art

Lucifer #56 Final Art

This one was featured in Spectrum 12 in 2005. The White Tiger had been a toss-away image that was mentioned to me as I was scrambling to come up with a Cover Idea. Here's a series of quotes:

Me: "I'm thinking of a cover scene with Lilith and Maz walking through the special garden, with the huge tiger between them."

The Writer: "Aaaagh! Tiger's gone, at least as a plot element - but I'll put him back in as a background feature, and maybe have him growl when he thinks that Maz is getting aggressive towards Lilith."

Me: "Thanks for putting the Tiger back in... maybe a WHITE Tiger? Faceless Dryads? YUM!!! BEES??? Even Better... all I need!!!"

The Writer: "One white tiger, to go, coming right up."

Me to the Editor: "Here's my proposed idea for the Lucifer #56 Cover... Lilith and Maz riding a huge White Tiger through a pool at night, the stars reflected in the water."

Then we added the Lucifer Fish... (Hmmm I have, somewhere, a little sketch of my first Idea, before the Tiger in the Water... I'll put that up on the site when I DO come across it) You'll note from the Web Site the figure of Lilith has no real clothes on: some breast covers... on the actual Comic Book Cover we photoshopped more garment stuff. I like her more as she appears here, nude. And lastly: the White Tiger that was just a prop for my cover became a Character in the series, sporting a monocle.

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