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Kaluta: Batman: Cat's Cradle
Batman: Cat's Cradle

Batman: Cat's Cradle

When I got the news in 2000 that my pal Bob Schreck had landed the editorial position at DC Comics that meant he would be wrangling The Batman, I fired off an email laved with Congratulations and ended it with a "please let me work on The Bat...". Eventually, in 2004, we were able to come together on a Cover (called an Inventory Cover: something to keep on hand to fill in if a cover were needed). I did up three different Ideas: Large Swing, Distant Swing and Cat's Cradle. The Cat's Cradle won out! It fit the bill for the dark, moody at the same time ooomphy representation of Batman.

Large Swing | Distant Swing | Cat's Cradle | Final Art | Color Art

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