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Kaluta: Shadow: The Shadow and Madame Xanadu

A bit over a year in the finishing, this color piece of The Shadow and DC Comics' Madam Xanadu (from Doorway to Nightmare) had been a pencil drawing on very light bond paper, done years and years ago as a preliminary for a large commission piece (which I've not got a copy of...). When asked if I could ink the pencil, I was a bit frightened by the paper... but, once started, it took the ink very well.. then we added the idea of Color to the thing and again I knew fear: this light paper isn't what I generally paint on, BUT: No Challenge, No Honor!™ Here's the gratifying result: a color piece with a lot of life to it!

Shadow: The Shadow and Madame Xanadu
Shadow: The Shadow and Madame Xanadu
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