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Early in 2000 I got the word that their first CD, called a Single even though it has 4 tunes on it, was destined to be released in the Summer. Through phone calls, faxes and Emails, we all decided that the "Space Cadet" track would be the basis for the cover imagery. My first sketch Idea proved to be the winner and I set off to do the finish.

I shot a quick digital of my friend Samantha from the French Roast Restaurant and drew up the design as you see on the left. The Arm Patch, used on the cover, the inside cover and the CD itself, took a LOT more time to design, but really was the main focus. Finally I burnt a CD ROM of all the imagery, along with a few color suggestions, then sent that off to the Band. A few weeks later I got the finished CD in the mail...and am I proud of them! As good as all the demos were, the finished tunes ROCK, and do it with heart and soul.

Cover Art

Cover Art

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CD Art

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