I need your help.

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These two original pieces of art disappeared from my Artist's Alley table at the San Diego Comic Con, Saturday, the 21st of July, 2001. They were in a protective plastic sleeve, one facing each side, measuring approx 15" x 20".Any information concerning the possible whereabouts of one or both of these originals would be appreciated. In accordance with the rules of the San Diego Comic Con and their Security Provider, Elite Show Services, an incident report has been filed with the San Diego Police Department and, unless it turns out otherwise, the disappearance of the art will be treated as a theft.

I, personally, still think there was an inadvertent removal of the art and that it will be returned when discovered among someone's convention purchases. However, should anyone reading this message be approached with either of these pieces for sale, you now know that whoever is offering them does not have my permission to do so.

Please feel free to contact me at mwkaluta@kaluta.com.

Michael Wm Kaluta

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